February Instagram Review


We apologise for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks, we have both been extremely busy and we are wondering how it is March?? Already?! In our busy lives we did manage to fit in a Blonde Edit trip to Amsterdam.  It was lovely to have a weekend away with friends, wander the pretty streets and boutiques of Amsterdam, and fit in tasting some of the local delicacies (mainly Heineken).  We will save our stories for a later post dedicated to the Amsterdam trip! In the mean time here is a round up of our favourite February Instagram posts.

As you can see our February consisted of lots of grey and black – and thankfully we are not talking about the Scottish weather.  In fact we were lucky to have lots of sunny and crisp winter days but our love for grey and black outfits can not be changed by the sunny weather.  Another running theme in February was Asian food.  We had a few Blonde Edit dinners and we both happened to cook asian noodle recipes!

One of my favourite mornings in February was a Saturday.  We both normally work Saturdays so having a Saturday off is always going to be memorable.  This particular morning I woke up and it was a miserable day outside (which I was secretly happy about).  What to do with a Saturday off? Well, I stayed in my dressing gown until midday and flicked through the beautiful pages of my Kinfolk magazine.  This may sound boring but the magazine had been sitting, unread, on the table for nearly a month and I was so busy I hadn’t even picked it up.  Sitting in my dressing gown, reading, with a cup of lemon water and fresh fruit was the perfect Saturday morning.  It is the simple things!

Kinfolk magazine

We are hoping March consists of more mornings like this!  And hopefully more Asian food… Can you recommend any recipes?  Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @theblondeedit1 so you can keep up to date with our daily lives.

Love Fi and Ollie


Cameron House Hotel – Weekend in bonny Scotland

Hello readers!!

I mentioned on our Instagram a couple of weeks ago that I would soon be blogging about my stay at Cameron House, Loch Lomond.  The hotel was beautiful – a perfect weekend getaway in Scotland.  It is located right on Loch Lomond, with stunning views and cosy interiors.  The dark colours and mixture of tartans give the hotel a relaxing atmosphere.  Here is the room.  The bed was amazingly comfortable and we had a view of the loch.  It definitely was a struggle getting out of bed! (It is a good job I had nothing to get up for but the delicious breakfast).

Cameron House Hotel room

The Great Scots Bar, which you can see above, served a great selection of drinks and meals during the day.  The bar had large comfortable sofas which we sunk in to (with a drink in hand) and took in the gorgeous snowy view whilst we were cosy indoors.  We went here both nights and made a good attempt at making our way through the yummy cocktail list!!  I can definitely recommend the Cameron House Martini – a delicious martini with hints of apple and elderflower.  We ate there once for lunch.  I chose the “Fisherman’s Basket” – haddock goujons, scampi and fries.  Washed down with a glass of prosecco.  It was delicious.


The Great Scots Bar – Fisherman’s Basket

In the evening we had dinner the Cameron Grill.  For starter I had the selection of Scottish salmons which you can see below.  It was beautifully presented and tasted even better than it looks!  It was served with homemade blinis which were so yummy!  For main course I had scallops served with champ potato, wilted spinach and tomato butter sauce.  Unfortunately for you, when it arrived my priorities were eating rather than taking a photo so I can’t share with you how delicious it looked!  But, you can take my word.

Cameron House hotel restaurant

Cameron Grill – Selection of Scottish Smoked Salmon

With the relaxing atmosphere of the hotel, the swimming pool, gym, and choice of restaurants I could have stayed in the hotel the whole time.  Thankfully the Scottish weather was on our side, so we did venture outside and had a small walk next to the Loch.  It was icy cold but the sun was shining beautifully.

Loch Lomond  And we got to watch the sea plane take off!

In the early evening we went to the Carrick Spa.  It is a couple of miles from the hotel but the hotel can help you with transport.  The Carrick Spa has an outdoor hot tub on the roof.  We were in there as the sun went down, and we were looking at the beautiful snowy hills.  It was up there in one of the best things I have ever experienced!


 Overall, our stay Cameron House hotel was one to remember!  I couldn’t fault the hotel in any way.  It was relaxing, with good food and drink – what more could you want?  The Scottish snowy and sunny weather definitely helped make it that little bit more special!


As it is Valentines Day and we are on the topic of romance, I would highly recommend Cameron House for a romantic getaway!

Happy Valentines Day lovelies!

Love Fi


Let the blogging commence….

Well our very first blog post…. To say we are excited is an understatement. Starting a blog together is something we have thought about for a while because we love the same things.  We are the best shopping, eating and travelling partners so why not blog about it?  We have now finished studying Fashion Management so this is a nice project for us to do along side our busy lives.  Here is Ollie this morning, all set for our first blog meeting….

Scottish fashion blogger

We did some planning and started shooting some outfits – apologies if there are some awkward looking photos… this posing malarky may take a bit of getting used to!  We spent a couple of hours taking photos outside in chilly Scotland and were only left wondering why we didn’t start this in Summer?!

Fashion blogger taking photo

Maybe we need more practise than we thought?!?!

After our busy morning of blogging what better way to treat ourselves than a bacon bagel a cup of coffee… yummy.

We are looking forward to our next post about winter coats.  You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
Enjoy reading The Blonde Edit.

Love Fi and Ollie